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Talking W124 buyer


Yes I'm still driving my 1994 C180 W202 even though it has drained my "wallet" inside out! Why I love this car so much I myself don't know. But however, every car I have owned, I fell in loved with. Its like having a mistress in the garage. You work it, massage it with expensive car polishes, wash it, pet it and drive it hard!!! Sorry, I'm just being affected by the war in the Middle East and need some outlet.

The W124 is just a diversion at the moment. I reckon I need something bigger and more powerful(300E) as I do run uphill and downhill quite a lot around here. With 2 or 3 passengers, sometimes 4, the C180 can only crawl uphill to the dismay of everyone following behind us. I need POWER!

The E200 onwards(facelifted model) looks better, but very few here and no one wants to sell them(used as 2nd car). The 230, 260 and 300E are getting a bit old and cheaper, about A$18,000. The newer model is about A$30,000 and the completely facelifted are A$40,000 and more.

I'm a bit short of ringgits, so if you can send me a few thousands, I will get myself one. Cheers and how is your 190E mistress????
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