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Good to see a post on this subject,

I would like to get some opinions on a problem I have with my 500E. It's a 1991, with approx 84'000 miles.

On three separate occasions the car has been very difficult to start. Basically I need to keep cranking the car for a good 5 to 8 seconds (it seems like an eternity) and I also need to accelerate...The car will then splutter once and then start as usual. I was never able to reproduce the problem. I shut the car off immediately after it happened the last time, to see wheter I should take the car, but it started fine...The engine idles smoothly, I have all the power...

At first I thought fuel pump, but then I read this thread saying the hissing is normal. I'm thinking "fuel pump relay" or "fuel check valve". I remember for sure that on two occasions it happened after some (very) "spirited" driving. Also, the car had been turned off for a short time... Any possible relations?

I would like to know what you guys think could cause this. I do not know enough about cars to go into more detail, I have no tools, no skills, no garage, just a dealer and my wallet
I'm just guessing that if there is a problem with something why doesn'it fail altogether?

I appreciate your help

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