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Unhappy Phew! Cabin Reeks of Fuel!!! 560 SEL

Got a 1989 560 SEL, clean as a whistle, with about 105k miles.

Took it to the gas station yesterday, filled her up, topped her off (I KNOW I should not have done this!).

Parked her in front of the house. Walked by later and smelled gas big time. Wanted to take her for a ride later, opened the door, and though I had filled the cabin, not the tank! Took the TT Roadster instead.

Did some investigation just now. It's definitely coming from the rear (i.e. not the EHA valve or anything in front). Inspected behind the trunk panels - that's when I learned for the first time that the beautiful black leather seat in the back is basically just protective padding for the fuel tank.

I saw no leaks, but did smell a bit of gas.

Could this have happened from just overfilling? All I was able to tell was that all those little rubber tubes and all those accessories to the tank looked 1 day old, not eleven years old.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Oh yeah - for the experts - just HOW do you remove the metal plate protecting the tank from the junk in the trunk? I removed the three visible screws below the hatshelf, but how is it attached at the bottom? Do I even need to worry?
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