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Yes, certainly at least 95% of my miles are road miles. What will accelerate wear of disk brakes drastically is driving with your foot touching the brake pedal. When disk brakes came along, some of the people who always drove automatics would be touching the brake pedal while driving, didn't hurt anything with drums, but with disks, keeping your foot on the pedal ever so slightly would kill them quick.

I doubt that this is your problem though. If you drive strictly in the city and drive hard, 30,000 miles might not be too bad. But someone else will have to confirm that.

Yes, my Father was/is a mechanic. He did car work for awhile then was in the Fork Truck business. He retired in '83 and is now 79 years old and still does a good bit of car work. He buys Hondas at the dealer auction, fixes them up and sells them. Still works in the heat and everything. He also has always been a real analyst and great troubleshooter.


Ditto on the tools, but I have to add one, a BIG, Big hammer. I think you were talking about the big screwdriver for a prybar. I have a couple of those. I have a SnapOn screwdriver that's so big it looks like there probably isn't a screw anywhere that it would be small enough to fit. When you first said big screwdriver, my extra long SnapOn screwdriver came to mind. I found it on the road about fifteen years ago. What a find, a SnapOn screwdriver! It's probably about 3 feet long. I would never have bought one, but I've been surprised how handy it is sometimes.

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