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Originally Posted by Diseasel300 View Post
RarExpander was linked in the original writeup. The pictures clearly show what what prompt will look like when it asks for the next piece.

You're very lucky that it only took you 15 mins per disk. Mine was more like 30! There's a reason I never buy software on CD or DVD anymore...

The default RAM allocated to the VM is 512MB, which is MORE than adequate for XP doing nothing more than running a Java VM within IE.
Well, I missed it, sorry offended.

Did seem the instructions were to be on the Windows side, using 7 Extruder, but guess got mixed up with instructions that come with the C.Ds.

Not lucky, have a good computer.

Which V.M.? You mean that any V.M.Ware is going to always allot 512M.B.? Odd then my Windows 7 is at the 70G.B.. Something to keep in mind when setting up, since once have V.M.Ware installed, can never increase the size of its memory partition (older versions of Macintosh O.S. could).
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