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RAM and "memory" are different things.

The VM storage size on the hard disk drive is fairly large. The EPC VM is ~46GB. Windows 7 can easily bloat to 100GB+ with very little on it if you run the 64 bit version. This is the storage space on the hard disk where all the files are stored, not the RAM used by the VM when it runs.

The RAM usage can be set in the preferences of the VM. Windows XP is typically set to 512MB, but can be changed if you prefer (there's no reason to). Windows 7 will typically allocate 4GB by default. The amount you can use depends on what is fitted to your computer. Most newer Macs come with 8GB of RAM standard.

You should not be creating separate partitions on your hard disk for the VM's to live in. The VM is its own self-contained file and does not need it's own "drive". The VMWare program takes care of all that for you. The folder you extracted from the RAR files on the DVD *IS THE VM ITSELF* There's nothing more you need to do other than open it with VMWare.

Think of it as a MS Word document, except instead of pulling up a written document, you're pulling up a fully working operating system, just run within a window (or fullscreen if you go that route).
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