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1st time in the shop today, any ideas on W210?

I had to take my car to the shop today for the first time for something other than routine maintenance. Got a check engine warning (with the two squares superimposed on each other, saying, "Check Engine Electronics" The manual says this is a fuel delivery issue. Oh, and when my wife brought the car to me with this warning yesterday (her car is also in the shop--being painted gratis, for those of you who have been on the open discussion forum), the passenger side seat control panel was hanging out of the door by its wiring harness. Good thing she makes more money than and is pregnant or I would have.......

The car starts and idles fine, but I can tell some subtle differences in acceleration on the road. It gets to say 60 and stalls there for a couple of seconds before going any faster. It is not dramatic, but this is a fast car, and I drive it every day, it just isn't right. Out of the hole, it also seems to go to higher rpms than usual when I gun it, before shifting into 2 and 3 gears.

Can any of you offer some suggestions as to what the problem is, so I can speak intelligently with my mechanic?? Don't respond with anything that costs more than $1500. I told him to do a full-50K mile service while he had it too.
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