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450 SL Brake fluid

I honestly have no idea. I am in the middle of NE and there are no MB dealers within 300 miles so I have to order the parts anyway. As FastLane is a sponser of this site, I feel it only right to help them out by ordering from them and giving them what business I can. One gentleman advised me some time ago that the orginal MB parts seemed to work better and last longer than the normal parts store stuff, so I am also going along with that advice (I have never gotten bad advice from this site and everyone is ready and willing to share what they know). I feel I have a car (MB) that most people only wish they could have, and yes it does cost a little more to maintain, but it is worth it so I will use as much orginal MB parts as I can. I realize I got a little long with the reply, but take it for what it is worth. I know there are other good brand names products on the market and they may work just as well.
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