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Last night I had a weird incident maybe related to this idle problem of mine. I was driving on the freeway at 70-75 mph and while I was exiting off the car had no response from the accelerator. It just coasted, but the car stayed on. A total helpless situation. I went through a green light (thank goodness it was green), and pulled onto the shoulder. When I tried to accelerate, the car's idle oscillated quickly (2-3 times/second) between 1000 and 1500 RPMs. Even when I floored it, this oscillation happened. I turned off the car, turned it back on and drove another 15 miles home with no problems. I drove to work this morning and had no problem. It reminded me of when my wiring harness failed on the freeway and the car stalled (no response from the accelerator.) Anyone have any ideas??

Damn electrical gremlins again!!


94 E320
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