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I would be concerned by its lack of use in the past few years. My father in law bought an 87 Cadillac Deville brand new and from 87 to 96 when we got it as a wedding present it covered only 10,000 miles. We thought that was pretty good, but it turns out a lot of stuff goes bad when it just sits there. the 350SL is supposed to be a really good car, but given the choice the higher milleage 560 might be a better choice. Have it thouroughly checked out by a dealer or independent mercedes restorer and ask what it would take to get the thing in pristine condition. Its no pleasure to buy a Benz you constantly are thinking could be better when you can't afford to make it so. The price is right, even if its old, its still a Benz, but offer 8, you never know when the extra two grand could come in handy for a new exhaust system. Most important is records. If it has been serviced regualarly by a dealer, especially recently, it should be ok.

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