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Truth be told, aside from the exhaust and wiring harness, your list of repairs isn't long for ANY nine year old used car with 188K on it. The exhaust failure, rare for an MB, is due to short hop driving, not allowing the system to get hot and evaporate all the moisture.

The wiring harness failure is MB's fault, and they should be covering this stuff. However, their "new attitude" is to deny-deny-deny. Given the outrageous warranty costs the ML has wracked up, it's no wonder.

The belt and tensioner usually fail long before that mileage.

The fuel pump is a little early. the fuel filter, I hope, had been changed a few times before you did it.

I wonder about the water pump. Perhaps lack of coolant service did it in.

Many of the items on your list are routine service.

That said, let's hope you're in for some smooth sailing for some time...
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