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500E rough idle pt. 2 Help!

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Posts: 221 Rough idle 500E pt. 2 Help!

Guys, I need some help. I noticed that my 92 had begun to idle a bit roughly, and mpg was dropping. My tech thought it might be throttle body or air mass sensor, because there was a stored code of "17" but sent me to the dealer, who said, without checking the computer, that it was caps and rotors (caps corroded). So, I spent the money, then noticed virtually no difference. While waiting for my next appt. to take it back, I lost a huge amt. of torque, took it to my tech, where we realized that the dealer had misrouted the coil wire, and it had worn all the insulation off by rubbing against the power steering pump. (no doubt trying to beat the flat rate). The dealer begrudgingly replaced the coil wire, Friday, 5 o'clock. As I drove away, I noticed that it was worse than ever, that now was it not only running rough at idle, but it seemed to have a miss, and noticably stumbles and loses power when taking off. I refuse to go back to the dealer (RAB in marin co., CA), and my tech says the next step is throttle body/air mass sensor, which my warrantry won't cover.

1) Before I start throwing parts and $$, is there a way to find out before buying those parts if that's the solution?
2) Could the burnt coil wire have caused any damage which is making it miss more than before?
What should I look for?

I'm frustrated, and writing a letter to MBUSA, since this is the fourth incident of damage done to my car through carelessness.

92 500E

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