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Angry My C180 problems


Other items are as follows:-
Driver's door inside panel is still dented like a big dimple(6inches radius) caused by accident or heavy elbow as well as the top plastic panel dropped 10mm. The centre airflow roller was glued open, now won't move at all. The boot door locking mechanism's plastic housing is broken at the bottom right hand side and the metal latch is bent and exposed(still works). The left front door's rv mirror housing damaged slightly on outside, but worse inside and the mirror was replaced with a non-tinted mirror. This has been replaced completely. The front bonnet had 5 golfball sized dents and lots of stonechips all round the bumper and front edges. The whole front has been repainted. The aerial popped out one day and this has been replaced with a new rod and white plastic tracer. All four plastic wheel caps had to be replaced. The front bushes had to be replaced. The next work will be the 4 shock absorbers now leaking, the rotors and pads a bit worn out.

The techie fooled me into changing the fuel pump and filter as he thought the vacuum pump noise I was complaining about came from a failing fuel pump. What crap! The vacc pump was making noises due to the leaks in 2 actuators under the dash(rear headrests wouldn't drop). He also found one bush failing and changed both front ones which I reckon was also a big swindle.
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