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Thumbs up General Comment on W126

I just researched a fuel odor on my 560 SEL. Removed the rear protector of the fuel tank in the trunk to check for leaks. Found none. Looks like it was a spill at the gas station.

I have to marvel again at the fabulous engineering and quality of these vehicles. Having worked on so many cars, old Datsuns (I rebuilt a 1200 once, and after I dropped the engine in, the body rusted out within a few months), a Dodge Dart, several Volvos, the VW Dasher (OUCH! A nighmare!), I can't help but feel this is the best built car I have ever taken a screwdriver to.

Everything makes sense. And there is a simplicity to the sophistication. The materials look like they have been installed yesterday - and the car is 12 years old. The ntus are still shiny, the paint looks like new, even the trunk liners are of excellent quality.

It really was a $75k car when built. I highly recommend this series for anyone who is looking for a classy and roomy sedan. And you can get a great one for under 10k nowadays.

The only car I'd replace it with, if I ever had to, would be an newer Audi A8. And that's only if someone twisted my arm.

What a beauty to behold!
Henry Bofinger
1989 560 SEL (black/black)
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