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Bruce B,

I bought the car because we needed something with trunk space and to pick up friends at the airport with - we bought a new TT roadster, which is a great two seater convertible, but has the obvious drawback in space.

I kind of figured the Benz would be a project car, like a hobby of sorts. We could have spent more and gotten something different, but we weren't in the mood.

Now this car has turned to being a daily driver instead of a project. It has been wonderfully reliable, and still turns heads. The squawks have been minor, and I have take care of them mostly myself.

Another bizarre side effect - even though the TT has the Quattro drive, it is terrible in snow because of it's lightness. I learned that the Benz, though it is rear wheel drive, performs much better because if its weight. Another bonus!

Anyone on the board know about the build quality of the newest large body Benzes, such as the S500? Are they still as great as this series? Are they "future classics" also?
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