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280SE 3.5 Heavy Exhaust Smell at Idle Speed

Hi everybody,

I have some problem with fuel mixture I guess. Because my car exhaust smells like metal or unburned carbon too much that even when I get closer to exhaust my eyes burn or my clothes smells same. There is no black smoke but I could not solve the metter.

Car accelerates and runs good (no fuel delivery problem, because I do not feel any misfires even full load acceleration) I checked pressure regulator, it gives 2 bar to injectors.

Do you thing, ECU can be defective? It can give less amount of fuel to injectors or fuel given to combustion cambers inequally by injectors? I think lean mixture can cause like burned metal smell at exhaust?

Exhaust color looks like dark grey/black

Or some of my injectors are semi clogged or?? But this time car should work un steady or shaking?

I tried to adjust carbon from switch on ECU, but it also does not effect on this smell.

Also I have new spark plugs Bosch w7DC with 0.7mm electrode gap and my current ignition breaker gap is 0.4mm.

I wil be very happy if you have any suggestions?.

Thank you very much

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