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Basically the simplest way to get the oil feed is to locate a npt pressure port(which you may or may not have, my tdi has one), or just get the adapter with the appropriate thread size for the oil sending unit. These are common with most oil bypass kits, and divert a small amount of flow to the bypass filter, and the rest to the full flow. Worst case scenario would be tapping and running a hose from the oil filter housing.

Mount/bracket as you like and find space.

For the return line there are a few options. Tapping and running a hose to the valve cover is an option - very clean and uses the shortest amount of hose possible. Some have used hollow drain plugs with no complaints, but I wouldn't recommend it. There is a new drain plug/bypass return system that seems to be the way to go for the plug and play type. Get on the tdiclub and go to fuels/lubricants and search for bypass or the author LanduytG, and there are plenty of detailed pics.
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