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Shot in the dark....p!$$ing in the wind

Tom, Have you / they check for a vacuum leak in/around the intake area. Those little plastic tubing hoses get brittle and break at your mileage/earlier. Check those bad boys and then check the rubber "sleeves" that hold the upper/lower halves of the intake together byy spraying brake CLEANER all around the intake near but NOT into the plenum. Go ahead (protect your fenders and underhood painted areas, cause this **** will F/U your paint) spray away. if the car dies/changes idle or does anything but run got a vacuum leak. narrow it down by duplicating with the spray until you pinpoint the offending area. On my 400E ,I had to do this last year(replaced all the tubing and the "sleeves") and then I had my injector flushed and now she runs like a top...smooth idle. Tell me this is she missing (for instance when you drive first thing)or just idling roughly. mine was idling roughly and missing like all get out for the first few miles till warm

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