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No as long as the center shaft does not rotate you don't have to worry about the shock comming apart. I have the 560 SL. The Mercedes shocks do not have a screwdriver slot in the center shaft, therefore I did it by using a small adjustable wrench to hold the shaft and a 17MM open end wrench to loosen/tighten the first nut. To tighten the second locking nut I have one 17MM open end wrench that I ground down on a grinding wheel so it will fit under the second 17MM wrench that tightens the top nut.
The area around the shock in the 560 SL is pretty crowded so getting the wrenches to work and all is just a pain. This tool will make the job easier. As I said, now that the 2 cars that have shocks have had the units replaced in the last month. I probably wont need the tool for a couple of years.

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