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I like Ken spend time on the Gweagen board. I purchased my G used from Gwagen USA/Europa and am relatively friendly with them. From what I have found the older the car the easier it is to import, fewer regulations. You must pay duties etc. at the port of entry based on the vehicles value. Even on a Gwagen it amounts to $2-3k. You must then post a bond and have a signed contract with a registered importer to get the vehicle released from the docks. I would suggest contacting the RI for an estimate on conversion of the model you desire. The exchange rate is very good right now and I think with a little footwork you could end up with a great car. The problem with the Gwagen in particular is that Gwagen USA does ALL of the work to get these cars here. By law they must provide the meathods employed for certification. This reduces the cost to the other RI's. The hang up comes with strict OBD II regulations. They are very very strict on evaporative emissions. Gwagen USA had to engineer a system to control these emissions. The G has a magic box near the filler neck to control these emissions. As the invertor of this particular system they were not required to disclose thier meathods on this part. Now any RI wishing to certify this car must figure this part out on his own. I think it took them over a year and a half to complete just this part for the G500. That is why there are at least 2 G's in limbo. The good news is that if you look at cars at least 5 years old I think it can be done relatively economically considering the exchange rate. Don't give up Larry, your 5sp is waiting. I do like the idea of a trans swap, once again though the older the better, new cars are too complex.

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