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Every aspect of the car is being improved with electronic control.

They even do better when broken many times. Many of the original complaints in this post sound like problems to me. Even considering the actual differences between actual throttle and actual foot position in drive by wire, the total driving effect is a better feel than it was before, Before we had hesitations due to inefficient control. Now anything you can feel is probably wrong or will be reprogrammed next week.

The demand for the systems is what is driving this and the ease that electronics allows our satisfaction promotes their increased use.

My German partner loves his old MBs. I have had a few and still do, but when I want to drive give me all the technology I can handle. The fact that my drive by wire BMW v8 obviously stages its throttle increase even after my foot is to the floor, doesn't change the fact that it gives instant response and more power out of 4.4 liters than anything I could have imagined 20 years ago.
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