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Can't complain about mine-- been a great car, easy to work, esp. with the resources of this forum and a shop manual. I especially appreciate the safety, since my wife drives it much of the time and we hope to have "little ones" in another year.

Which leads me to a quick story. I was at the gas station last fall, and a middle-aged woman was gassing up her grey 560SEL. We struck up a conversation and she told me that she was in a bad car accident with her Honda (don't recall, but it was either that or a Camry) and has hurt quite bad. Apparently went through many months of painful physical therapy to get back to daily life. Through much research and consult with her husband and mechanic, she decided on a used 560SEL. I looked in the back seat and she had 2 kids past the age of needing a car seat and a younger child strapped into one! Too cool I thought, forget about the typical minivan!
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