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I personally wouldnt trust Mr MB Motors, I went down there when I couldnt figure out why my car goes into " LIMP MODE". He started looking at it and was going to put it on the scanner, but when he looked at the plug where the scanner hooks up to, he said my car is missing some pins. That really got me thinking, so I go back to work and later that day I take a look at my buddy's 94 E500 ad sure enough his is the exact same way, same number of pins. now I start wondering, both cars are the same why would he tell me it's not normal so I take a look at another 92 500E and guess what, same number of pins. I heard a few people say good things but from my personal experience, he doest know JACK. But I could be wrong. If I have any problems from now on I would only go to Carl @ BergWerks, he seems to know these cars very well.
Just my 2 cents
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