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If only the steering linkage components were changed then only the toe setting can be affected.

Camber and caster is only affected by changing control arm or strut components.

Of course, changing camber of caster will also affect toe-in, so in any alignment operation, toe is the final adjustment after camber and caster are set.

I've been doing all my own alignment in my garage for over 20 years with an inclinometer and tape measure. It's a bit lengthy and tedious, but I get the alignment settings I want, which are often different than OEM spec. I also keep tweaking the tie rods as necessary to get the steering wheel dead on straight when cruising in a straight line. Alignment shops are particularly bad at this, but it usually take one or two 1/16 turns of the tie rods and is somewhat iterative, so it's just easier to do this myself.

I got my MBZ dealer to put on my 190 on their modern computer alignment machine after I had reset the front alignment and it was within 0.1 degree of my measured caster and camber settings and 0.5 mm of my measured toe-in.

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