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Let There Be (Euro) Light!

I finally got the new reflector for my Euro lights. I had purchased a used set that turned out to have an EXTREMELY corroded reflector on the left side. I put them in anyway and painted the bad reflector with wheel paint. It did not reflect at all and I probably could have disconnected it and not been able to tell the difference. Even with only one good Euro light, I had better light than with the original US lights.

Yesterday, I put in my new reflector and adjusted them last night.

All I have to say now is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! And this is with standard wattage bulbs.

The lights in my new 203 car are fabulous and after driving it, the lights in the 124 car have seemed really lacking, but not any more.

If you drive on country two lane at night like I do, the Euro lights are WELL worth the money and trouble.

Have a great day,

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