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excessive fuel consumption/flooding?

Good morning all, the patient is a 1993 600sel, approx 200, 000 km (120, 000 mi) on clock. The car had been running perfectly fine. Got up at 3am to go to client at other end of province, fueled, (Sunoco 94), headed out.. about 2 hours into trip cruising at 120 kph (72mph), car gave a lurch, as if I had floored it. Settled down for a few minutes, gave another lurch....fuel consumption guage went full peg and stayed there. Engine lurched and shuddered on occasion, felt like it was flooding. Every now and then the engine would clear up and pull normally.
No warning lights, engine temp normal, oil pressure normal.
Fuel consumption astronomical. Stopped at a service centre, put in some gas line antifreeze, fresh fuel, same symptoms. The car will start and idle with no problem, but there is the blue/black smoke on acceleration of any sort and a distinct rich mixture smell.
Engine feels like it is bogging down on acceleration, unless it is full throttle acceleration. Any help, suggestions would be appreciated...I am now some distance from home. The fuel filters were replaced at Xmas, plugs/air filters were done about 6 months ago. Many thanx in advance.

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