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car is steering/pulling to the right?

Hey guys, this is a huge mystery. I was in the small accident in my 1992 500E, everything was fixed up at the body shop and it was given back to me. It looks amazing and better than before except for one thing.

I noticed it was pulling right. I took it back to them, and it was in alignment, they drove it, and noticed it was pulling right also.

They've spent 3 weeks working on it, and they still can't figure it out. They replaced the whole left side and right side suspension, they tried rotating the tires. They've checked the frame and the frame is perfect. They keep telling me they have no clue and its a huge mystery to them.

They specialize in Mercedes, Porsches, and all the high end cars, they do all the body work for our Mercedes Dealership. It's not that their inexperienced, they've even worked on 500E's before.

Is there anyone out there who could suggest anything for them to look at? So when I call them I can ask them if they checked or replaced this or that. Anyone have a clue what it could be? Thanks!
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