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Unhappy Rear Bumper (fell off)

This winter I drove out of a snow drift to find that my rear bumper didn't come with.

When I bought the car, the right side of the bumper was "loose" but didn't look out of place. Now that I can see easily the inside of the bumper, I see that it is very rusted, shale-like and chunks flake off when touched or shaken. It looks like the bumper supports (which are very solidly attached to the car) simply rusted away from the bumper on both sides.

The question is, does this sound like a job for a welder or should I find myself a new rear bumper. Am I right to think that the bumper and the supports are not supposed to come apart, and that buying a new bumper would include the two supports?

The two reverse lights are fine and the wiring doesn't look damaged. I'm sure someone's replaced a rear bumper before, what's it like? what should I look out for?

And if I'm driving the car without a rear bumper, but I'm on the way to pick up a replacement bumper, will a State Trooper still ticket me?

Thanks Everyone,
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