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Mercedes ML Trip Computer aftermarket install

I hope somone out there might have some input.
I have a number of new Mercedes ML Series Trip Computers A163 540 52 11 and
have sold a number of them with instructions on how to install it yourself on any ML that didn't come from the factory although they can also replace
any defective unit that did come with the car too. It requires cutting a
square hole for the LCD display which would not be required if the fascia
panel was available from Mercedes, but as of yet I have not had any luck on
getting a part number for the fascia panel. to view a tour of the functions
of the overhead onboard computer go to this link
If you would like a 520 kb email with adobe instructions on how to install
the unit please feel free to email me at
If you have any info on who to contact on the fascia panel or the part
number for the B26 Remote magnetic compass module, I would love to hear from
Steve Cousins
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