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need immediate help! lost oil pressure suddenly!

I was leisurley driving my 87 190 2.3 8v today,when i noticed to my suprise that my oil pressure guage had dropped to zero. (usually it's pegged at 3) i pulled over and made sure my oil was still in there... filled right up, and clean as a wistle, as usual. The temp guage has been bouncing around while going over bumps, but the car generally runs at the right temperature. All the other guages were working fine, until this oil pressure fiasco. I immediatly took the car to my mechanic, which was luckily about 5 minutes away. It seemed to run fine, and i didn't hear any strange noises after i noticed the guage/ (valves and such)

I'm having the mechanic make sure there's oil pressure...

any advice as to what could cause this problem would be appreciated.

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