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I did not renotch the panel. If you reread my post you will notice that I made a bracket that moved the wiper motors into a position that aligned them with the original wiper notches in the panel. I did, however, find it necessary to make the notch a little deeper. This came out looking good because I removed the rubber trim piece, extended the notch, then put the rubber trim back in place making it look factory.

I think if you follow my instructions, you will find it pretty easy. I put the dimensions in there so that you won't have to work it out by trial an error as I did. It was difficult to measure without a little experimentation.


I simply backed the car away from the shop door about 25 feet and adjusted them both to the same height. I then sighted through the rear glass to see if each one was aligned horizontally straight in front of the headlight locations. I then pulled it out on the road to see how they shined on the road (I live in the boondocks so I could park in the road for ten minutes without much chance of anyone driving by.)

They were pretty close, but then this morning they seemed just a little horizontally separated so I brought them together a little. They also were a touch low, so I brought them both up just a little. I will see how they work tomorrow morning, and maybe I'll have to tweak just a touch more.

My level switch is not working, I think I reversed the lines when I took it apart to put a new headlight switch dash illumination bulb.

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