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Automatic Gearbox Problems!

hey there!
im having some troubble with my 300D -88 with 4 steps aut, when i hit "D" it starts on third GEAR.. if i hit "3" it starts on the second gear...

what is common is that it "spinns" in the gears a little, and if i go on 2:nd gear and when it shifts up to the 3:rd gear and right after(2secs?) than it goes to the 4:th gear(D)...

i have NEW oil and filter(OEM) in gearbox, and of course correct volume oil.(CASTROL TQ DEXRON III)

i woundering if my "valve package" may be bad?

also if i have in "P" and moves the shift to a gear it almost "kicks" in the gear, no mather what gear it is or reverse, same "kick".

my idle is NOT to high, it is correct.

hopes someone can help my with my problem!
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