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Pointy gears on a 1988 420 sel?

I've recently purchased a 1988 420sel with 165,ooo from a friend of the family in AZ. My friend's uncle was a fastidious owner and always took excellent car of the car before he passed away. Although I don't have any records the car was obviously well loved and immaculate.

I've probably read thousands of posts by now and feeling fairly well informed I took the car to a respected local MB Indy for a full-check-up (especially the timing chain). I had them, pull the valve covers, drive it, throw it in the air and look uderneath, everything.

His report is very positive, both the cylinder heads and transmission look virtually new, the chain has been replaced (has a master-link) along with the rails and tensioner at some point within the last 50k he thinks. The only major thing he finds is that it doesn't look as though the cam gears were not replaced with the chain. He says that they look 'pointy' and aught to be replaced. He is also worried that the lower gears may also be worn and wants to replace them as well. They are guessing that it would be two days labor to pull the front cover and replace everything (I'll get an estimate tomorrow).

What does everyone think? If I hadn't read dozens upon dozens of posts about the timing chain I probably wouldn't worry about it. Since I have however, I'm concerned.
1988 420SEL 170K
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