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It was towed, I'm not sure how he hooked it all up.

it was a one car accident, though I was not at fault, though the guy did an eye witness report to the police blaming it on me so he was not at fault.

Basically he turned right on red, didn't look to see me in the lane he was turning right into, i had to swurve to miss him and i hit a barier.

So he "eye-witness reports" to the cops that i was speeding and he hadn't turned right on red in front of me. Whatever.


they do have an electronic frame device. I don't know exactly how they work and how they check. But they did show me a frame read-out that showed the frame was perfect.

the whole subframe was replaced, so i don't think its the subframe.

they did try rotating the wheels and the tires and that didn't change anything.

PLEASE keep posting ideas of what could be wrong and what they should check for. I'm going to let it accumulate and fax it to them so they can go over everything. Please don't be afraid to suggest anything, every little suggestion will help us solve this. Thanks guys!
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