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What year/model car? My very limited experience with 123's has shown two kinds of bumpers in the US. I call them slip-on and bolt-on, because that's how they attach to the shocks. Your rear bumper shocks either slipped into two aluminum brackets on the bumper, or the shock bolted onto the bumper. If it's a bolt on, which would be my guess, you should be able to slide new carriage bolts into the bumper and bolt up a new shock. If it's the slip-on type and the aluminum tabs have broken off you're in trouble. Welding is out of the question as the amount of heat required for sufficient penetration would burn the chrome plating off of the other side. Only solution is new bumper in this case. If it's a bolt-on, but the bolts can't be replaced and/or your still screwed, I have access to several rear bolt-on type bumpers, shocks attached. If you post a picture and part numbers and cover the expenses I could get one and ship it to you.
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