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Angry 260e Engine Stalls And Cant Restart

Hi, I need help please.
I have a 1987 260e / 300e 2.6 My car has been bothering me big time for the past 2 months. The problem i am having with my car is that it shuts off on me while i am driving. I get a bulb light out and the antilock lights are lit on my display panel n then my car stalls. after that i cannot restart my car. I can restart it the following day due to my battery chargin itself overnight and then it shuts off again. I have replaced my battery and it is brand new. I have replace 2 alternators already and both giving me the same problem. The alternators are rebuilt alternators that i bought from a local autoshop. Can some1 please help me n let me know what they think? Are they givin me the wrong alternator? or can it be something else? also i did a voltage check and my car off is givin me 12v and wheni start da car its still giving me 12v. PLease help and advise me
thank you again.
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