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On the Market - Due Diligence Questions

Hi Gang,

I'm new here from the pelican forums. I own a 1985 380SL and an 86' 911.

A beautiful W108 (1973 280 SEL 4.5) recently caught my eye that I'd like to check out over the weekend. Seller recently purchased the car this summer, which could be a red flag. I figure something is either wrong with the car, or a simple flipper trying to make a buck.

While I prefer to buy from the actual car owners, I am willing to give a flipper a chance.

In any event, I come to the brain trust with two questions:

1) Given the car has a 14-digit VIN that isn't recognized by Car Fax (or similar services), how would I be able to look up car history? I'm interested in previous owners, how many of them, mileage throughout the years, etc.

2) General buying advice specific to a 280SEL. What should I look out for? My research tells me to look for A) rust (duh) and B) front suspension (what's a "king pin"?) Any specific things to look for would be very, very appreciated.

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