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C280 Re-post

Sorry, for the re-post guys, Going on a roadtrip and need my car. I've researched Shopforum archives and although gotten some ideas, I've not found a definative answer. I decided that I should be a bit clearer in explaining my problem in hopes of getting it fixed before I leave.

My 1995 C280 the past couple of days seemed to be developing a problem at low rpm's in 3rd gear-it cutts out and kicks back in-(rpms drop a quick 400-600 then come back up), but only for a split second(only at low rpms). Feels like the maybee the tranny. Transmission and engine are great other than that, no other indications of trouble. Love the car.

Heres what I have so far:
shift modulator?
Transmission control unit?
possible software upgrade?
simple transmission service?

Can anyone help me narrow it down.

thanks guys,
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