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KYB may indeed be capable of manufacturing good products, but as a matter of direct experience (including 2 Toyotas, some Hondas, a couple of Nissans, some Mazdas), the longevity was just not there. Why did I buy them? They were cheap, and I had to learn about their longevity the hard way.
They had a tendency to last for 50-60k, which is not horrible, but I have never actually seen a Bilstein wear out yet, even after 125k+. They have always outlasted my ownership of the car.
A factory Boge will often run 100k+.

I doubt consumers would complain at all if they needed new struts/shocks at 60k. They are accustomed to this being a normal interval. Particularly with install labor cost being what they are, this is really not a good long-term investment. I suppose it depends how long you intend to keep the car.

Ride/handling characteristics are somewhat subjective, but KYB has never impressed.
1986 300E 5-Speed 240k mi.
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