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I have never used the 'greasy' MB stuff on the pad backs. I looked at it, and decided to 'stick' with the sticky adhesive stuff from the parts stores. It has always served me well over the years.
I prefer the squeeze bottle over the spray.

Tip: The newer formulas will be ruined if they freeze. Must be due to 'low voc' or something.

I use a very thin coating of synthetic moly brake grease (Sta-Lube) on all sliding surfaces on the pad carriers (and pins for the multi-piston models), which is designed for this very purpose. It has proven to hold up well. I have doubts about anti-seize in this application, but it might work. This detail is somewhat less important on some MBs, due to those nice stainless shims the pads glide on.

The pins that the caliper 'floats' on get silicone grease. This stuff has held up really well for this application, and it appears to be kind to the rubber boots.

Best of luck.
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