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Ok, this is going to sound crazy but, atached to the case on the r/h side, behind the glove box only higher is the dash harness loom. About the center of the air bag is a torx head skrew attaching the loom (black plastic) to the top portion of the case, the firewall actually curves over it some. That skrew is rarely reinstalled by even the most through techs. You also can look at the harness behind the ACC panel and look at the tie wraps holding the harness to the cross brace, originally they had removable wraps, 9 out of 10 people cut 'em and replace them with standard tie wraps. Same deal with the drain tubes, most people replace the white plastic clamps with tie wraps.

On the l/h side above the gas pedal is this weird 90deg brace holding the case, it has 2 10mm head nuts holding it to the case, lots of 'em left off over the years.

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