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The front suspension on these is complex in terms of the required maintenance and servicing. Requires greasing every 2-3k miles, and the kingpins themselves can get play - it's the part that the knuckle/spindle actually rotates on - but so can the top and bottom eccentric bolts that hold the kingpin, the control arm bushings, the subframe mounts, and so on. All those parts are available - but they're also shared with the 6-figure 111 convertibles, and the skyrocketing 6.3s, which means a lot of those bits now cost more than they used to. The good side is that the 4.5 is starting to climb, and values are 2-3x what they were just 5 short years ago, and likely will more than double again in the next 3-5.

The downside is that I didn't do research in the last 3-5 years on that buyer's guide, so things like "Figure $100 per kingpin, $50 per outer LCA bushing, $50 per outer UCA bushing (eccentric bolt), $100 for sway bar mounts, etc." may not be correct.
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