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'99 ML320 question

I am looking for a beater to use to get to in and out of dove fields (my convertible was not made for that). There is a '99 ML 320 with 250,000 miles available locally for $850.

My uncertainty revolves around this info from the seller: "It slips in low gears. Once up and moving it's fine."

I'm OK wasting $850 if I get a season worth of use out of it and I can sell for a few bucks for parts. I'm not ok buying into a $5000 problem.

I think this vehicle has a 722.6 transmission. I've done some quick research, and it doesn't sound like coolant contamination (hard shifts). I would love for this to be something simple/easy/cheap, like the cable connector o-ring.

What are the good guesses and better advice from the informed community?

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