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Angry My car also got injured at dealer service

Took my baby in for warranty service this past Friday at the dealer in Bridgewater, NJ. The car was noisy at idling and when accelerate from stop. The side mirror was not tilting correctly when reversing. When I went back to pick up the car, they told the noise was due to the engine mounts and the dealer had a TSB from MB. Had to schedule for another service, but told me the mirror was fixed. When I got into the car, I noticed the mirror was not fixed at all. So the foreman came to look at it and agreed that some parts of the mirror need to be replaced. Fine, even though it was a wasted trip for me that day because nothing was fixed

Here comes the sad part. I went on to the freeway and noticed the steering wheel was off center to the right and the car was pulling to the right. I called the dealer immediately and told them the problem and they told me to bring it back in. After checking, they confirmed that the alignment was off. I was rather upset with this. To me it meant someone took my car out and hit something or a pot hole that caused this problem. Due to the very bad winter we had in the Northeast, there are still many pot holes everywhere. I am more concerned with the possible hidden damage to the front end The assistant service manager told me in a non-chalant way that they will fix it when I bring my car in the next time for service, April 17. She wanted me to drive the car that pulled to the right for another 3 weeks!!! At this time I was really upset but I tried to control myself. Not a word of apology from the assistant manager during all this time I told her that I had two problems with the car and none was fixed and now I had to go home with a third problem!!! She just stared at me!!! Finally she told me that if I wish I could bring the car back on Monday. It was only 3:30 at that time, but they could not accomodate me for the damage they did to my car.

I took the car in yesterday. They aligned the car and told me the camber was off. The assistant manager never said anything that even remotely resemble an apolog through out the ordeal. Amazing way of servicing a customer!!! I hope she does'nt expect me to grade them excellent. I am thinking of writing a letter to their general manager about this incident because I feel that the dealer was never interested in finding out who did this to my car. They acted as if this was nothing to get excited about. Maybe their people do this on a regular basis to the customers' cars so they are used to it. Who ever did this to my car should have come forth with it. If I did not notice it immediately, it would have been too late a day or two later to do anything about it, and I would have been stuck with it Any suggestions?
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