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I purchased one of the generation II kits a few years ago for my daily driver 1980 W116 300SD. The bracket has held up well so far with the compressor attached to it. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to finish the system.

I must not have had the long adjustment bolt secured because at some point it completely untwisted and fell off. That was easy to replace because Rich was helpful with providing the specs for a replacement.

1/4" spacers were needed to correct the belt alignment, but it solved the problem. I found some nice chrome-plated ones at The Home Depot to match the polished compressor.

Regarding belts; I read that people here are using 15370 belts for turbo models, which I assume would be Dayco's/Duralast's part number. That translates to 11mm/.44" wide X 940mm/37" long. I tried that belt size, and it was not even close to long enough to fit over the pulleys, even with the compressor adjusted in fully.

Also, 11mm seems much too thin for both the crank and the compressor pulley. The factory width is 12.5mm/13mm. I bought a Duralast 17380 (13mm/.53" X 980/38.5") belt from AutoZone. I was barely able to force it over the pulleys and the belt was taut after only 1/4 of the travel.

So then I ordered a Contitech 13X1000 belt. It ended up being too long and was taut after about 3/4 of the travel.

Finally, I found the correct belt size for my car was 13X990. I used an AutoZone Duralast 17390 (13mm/.53" X 990/39"). It fit over the pulleys just fine and was taut just before 1/2 of travel. With the belt fully stretched, it will be taut at 1/2 of travel.

I am wondering if maybe the W116 300SD OM617 engines have a larger crank pulley than the W123 and W126? Or maybe my compressor (which is a genuine Sanden) has a larger than normal pulley?

For what it's worth, Contitech belts are now made in China. I think Goodyear Gatorbacks/Contitech Elites are made in Mexico. If you order genuine Mercedes belts they are still made in Germany by Contitech. However, there are no 13X990 genuine Mercedes belts that I am aware of. Audi/Volkswagen uses a 13X990 (or 13X992 depending on their mood), but when I tried ordering a genuine Audi/Volkswagen belt, I found they are no longer available.

So, I ended up buying a 13X990 Duralast belt from AutoZone because at this time they are made in the USA by Dayco in Ohio and seem to be very good quality--and at a low price.

I'm very happy that we have someone who took the time to come up with a mounting bracket for a Sanden compressor.
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