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Originally Posted by DavidF View Post
When the car idles I can see the vibration damper/counterweight has a wobble.
This is usually a bad sign, the inner and outer ring of a damper is bonded with rubber, this might have deteriorated and slipped. The fix is to replace the damper or have it rebuilt.

Pull the #1 spark plug, then turn the crankshaft clockwise crank until piston is at top, ( look with a light or poke with a long screwdriver ) , look at the timing marks on the damper to see if zero or TDC lines up with the pointer. If the mark should be within a few degrees (allowing for not having the crank exactly at TDC ) I'm expecting it to be off inches.

Originally Posted by DavidF View Post
When I removed the radiator and other things in the way, I can see an opening into the engine, a large bolt hole.
I don't know what should be there. By looking at it, the large hole seems to be a locating point ( hollow dowel would go here ) with a smaller threaded home in the bottom.

Originally Posted by DavidF View Post
Could it be the crankshaft needs balancing, not the vibration damper/counter weight?
Crankshafts don't go out of balance on their own so the problem won't be there. Is this an automatic or manual trans car? I've seen clutch covers throw a spring causing things to vibrate.
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