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Originally Posted by panZZer View Post
whats the difference with the sanden sd7 --besides this being a serpentine,

the 508 is said to soak up 7hp and that's definitely who peeps here like it

Chrome Mini AC Compressor - Sanden SD-7 Style - Serpentine Pulley 6 GROOVE | eBay
SD508 is 5 cyl, SD7H15 is 7 cyl. Both are available with a serp or double groove pulley. The above compressor is a Chinese "clone" (thus the word "style"), and not a genuine Sanden. You may get a good one about half the time. I have one customer that is still running the clone I installed on the car years ago. Then again, several others only lasted a season. I stopped selling compressors, so my customers have to provide them when I do a system.

4272 Compressor
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