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Originally Posted by panZZer View Post
so I guess what im inquiring about-- the smaller 505 or 507 what would be powerful enough to cool a 30's hotrod?
I think the physically smaller compressor (505-507?) may be right on the edge, but may be the only way to make it work with limited space. I believe the smaller size compressors were used in a Honda, so imagine the cabin that size for figuring out if it is up to the task. I do know that air flow across the condenser is the bottleneck in a system, so I suggest you go with the largest area P F condenser you can fit, as well as the largest diameter (or better yet dual with shroud) fan you can get. BTW, years ago I accidentally bought two of these compressors, so one or both are for sale. It would take more fabrication than I am willing to do to make them work for the Sanden retrofit kit.......Rich
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