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Hi Guys,

This concerns my 85 190E and any car you give a damn about. Read on.
Four months ago I bought my topsider and stopped going to Jiffy Lube. (I had only been twice, anyhow, with this MB) 'Sides, I watched the JL guys try to "top off" my tranny fluid with the engine off and had watched them attempt to re-attach my belly pan with twine.
About the same car started a slight front end "thunk" when going around corners, esp. hills, and speed bumps.
I checked the bearings, bushings, arms, and torsioner bar. I narrowed my results to worn torsioner bushings or a bad ball joint.
Yesterday, I was working on the timing on this car (thanks to MB Doc for the last response), and I dropped the belly pan off to get at the damper markings from below (dab of paint will do ya). So, I drop the pan (remember, I bought a topsider four months ago and my oil changes haven't required pulling the pan since) and low and behold, there is a very nice four or five pound ratcheting oil filter wrench sliding around in the belly pan. So, there is my suspension "thunk" and there is the reason I stopped going to Jiffy Lube and won't ever, ever go back with any car I even give half of a damn about.
I needed a new oil filter wrench, anyhow...and the new bushings can't hurt the torsion bar. What could these guys do to your car in the long run?
Happy motoring!

John J. Meadows
'83 300D 3.0L 260k mi.
'85 190E 2.3L 99k mi.
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