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My 2.0 190E had one of those pan guards when I bought the car but in truth, I never really found the use for it unless you plan on doing 800 mph over the speed bumps in town. It also made oil changes a whole lot more difficult than I have experienced before as I was used to opening the plug and letting the bad old sticky stuff drain away whilst I nipped inside for a coffee. It occured to me that no matter how good the vacuum or how long the suction hose sat there sucking, it would never really properly evacuate the engine, does it not depend on exactly where the hose comes to rest in the sump ? It would also, to a small degree, prevent the sump from getting a wash of air over it whilst driving to help cool the oil. Mine had a cut-out around the drain plug that I used once and oh boy, did I regret that ! Oil splashed all over just about covering the whole of the inside of the guard and spilled everywhere except the drain hole, oil all over the drive, again ! . . . . It also provided an excellant device for collecting dirt and crud but luckily in my case, no hand tools. It now sits nice and shiny on the top shelf in the garage, let the new owner decide if he wants it fitted.
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